NEA Member Benefits- Discount Shopping with NEA

Discount Shopping with NEA Member Benefits 


Thursday December 1 at 4:15pm – MTES Computer Lab


(If you have any questions, contact Cindy Larvie)


Wednesday, November 9, 2016 MTEA Adgenda

                                    Miami Trace Education Association Meeting

Wednesday November 9, 2016, at MTES Media Center

Call to order and Roll Call –   Pres. ___ Cindy Larvie           Vice Pres. ___ Melissa Steele

                                                             Treas. ___ Ellen Businger       Sec. ___ Krissy Cooper       

Building Reps for 2016 – 2017

Pre/K ___ Tammy Murry        1 ___ Jennifer Pitstick/Alexis Roback 2 ___ Brandi Green

3 ___ Jordan DeWitt       4 ___ Linda Hiser   5 ___ Amy Ford        Specials ___ Krissy Cooper

6 – 8 ___ Becki Bennett          9 – 12 ___ Ryan Barnard/Phil McNamara/Jacqui Montgomery    

Secretary’s Report – Minutes – are sent out electronically

Treasurer’s Report

  • Budget revisions
  • Dollar for a Scholar
  • Constitution and Bylaws – update/revise language

MTEA website –   Krissy Cooper  webmaster

Member  Appreciation  &  American Education  week

OEA and Central OEA information – /

  • OEA Rep Assembly – Saturday Dec. 3 at the Ohio State Fairgrounds

Discount Shopping with NEA Member Benefits – Thursday December 1 at 4:15pm – MTES Computer Lab


Next meeting Wednesday December 14 at 4:15pm at MTES Media Center

Dollar for a Scholar

MTEA is having a fundraiser for the MTEA Scholarship Fund

MTEA honors Miami Trace seniors with a college scholarship

The Dollar for a Scholar fundraiser is also a dress down event; every dollar you donate for a scholar is a dress down day.  (Please wear your donation sticker when you dress down.)


Donations can be made to any MTEA Building Representative or MTEA Officer from Monday, September 26- Friday, October 7, 2016.



Thanks you in advance for making Dollar for a Scholar a huge success!!!

Central OEA/ NEA Important Dates

November 4- All Area Meeting and Delegate Briefing- Airport Embassy Suites

November 8- Election Day

November 14- ESP Appreciation and Reception Dinner- OSU Golf Course

November 15- Lobby day

December 3- 9:00am Fall OEA RA Ohio Expo Center Cardinal Hall

February 9- 5:30-8:00 AREA 4 Meeting Watt Street Tavern

March 4- Central Winter Leadership Conference- Columbus Airport Marriott

April 21- Central RA and All Area Meeting- Columbus Airport

May 12- 9:00am OEA RA TBA

May 13- 9:00am OEA RA TBA

June 3 NEA Delegate Briefing TBA

June 30- July 5 NEA RA – Boston

July- Central Building Dynamic Leadership Team TBD



Dollar for Scholar

Dollar for Scholar

Once again are building representatives will be selling Dollar for Scholar (jean stickers) from Monday, September 26-  Friday, October 7, 2016.  Each sticker is $1.00.  You may purchase as many stickers as you would like.

Please see any of the following building representatives for your stickers:

Pre-K- Tammy Murry

1st- Jennifer Pitstick

2nd- Brandi Green

3rd- Jordan DeWitt

4th- Linda Hiser

5th- Amy Ford

Specials- Krissy Cooper

6-8- Becki Bennett

9-12 Ryan Barnard/ Phil McNamara/ Jacqui Montgomery


2016-2017 MTEA Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held in the MTES Computer Lab at 4:15pm

Wednesday, September 14th

Wednesday, October 12th

Wednesday, November 9th

Wednesday, January 11th

Wednesday, February 8th

Wednesday, March 8th

Wednesday, April 5th

May (TBD) Retiree and Member Celebration at the Rusty Keg

                 Miami Trace Education Association                      

Budget 2016-17 


Dues Collected from MT: $739.00 per member

Other Income: Dollar for Scholar – will go to Scholarship Savings account

Central OEA Participation Awards – $1000.00 maximum  



Dues payment:  $7,300.00 / per month (Will have total amount due to OEA next month)

Gifts and Awards:   $ 650.00

Mileage:  $400.00

Office Supplies:  $ 250.00

Refreshments:    $ 100.00

Retirement Dinner & Gifts:  $ 700.00

Scholarships:  $500.00 + fundraisers

Salaries:  $ 899.00

Miscellaneous:    $ 200.00    


Membership totals for 2016-17   Total members: TBA

Membership totals for 2015-16   Total members: 108   New members: 13 

Welcome Back MTEA Members


We would like to welcome our MTEA members back to school.  If you need anything from us, your MTEA officers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cindy Larvie- President

Melissa Steele- Vice President

Ellen Businger- Treasure

Krissy Cooper- Secretary


We look forward to a wonderful school year.